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Toyo Eiwa CLIL ReN 第2回研究会 発表内容・報告



Translanguaging and CLIL


Content drives CLIL. This is an essential concept, and it is one which often differentiates CLIL from approaches like content-based language education or English for Specific Purposes (ESP). The balance between content and language learning may differ according to the CLIL model incorporated, but it is the blend that matters, not the time attributed to each. This presentation discussed the role of translanguaging; the occurrence and usage of the students’ first language in tertiary CLIL classrooms. Benefits as well as the perceived drawbacks were examined. A glimpse into the current research in this field was offered with a lively group discussion with participants contributing their experiences and feelings with regard to L1 usage in their own classrooms concluded this interactive presentation.


(Examples of Using News Sites in the EFL Classrooms)



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