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10月6日に行われました研究会の報告です。 日時:2018年10月6日(土)午後2時~5時 場所:東洋英和女学院大学大学院(六本木)205教室 ①「CLIL Using MEXT Approved Textbooks in Senior High School」 Matthew Davis(岡山大安寺中等教育学校) Introducing CLIL methods into high school English classes in Japan may seem daunting. While the current environment is not CLIL-friendly, I introduce ways to implement it in a meaningful way in my presentation. I do so by offering a few techniques and examples of my own practice. The first technique is a perspective shift. Subject content should not be seen simply as facts and information, but as a set of concepts and skills as well. The second technique is called concept mining. All texts have an underlying concept which can be learn

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