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The report of the joint seminar organized with CLIL-ite.

Call for Papers Asian Journal of Content and Language Integrated Learning (Asian CLIL) Vol. 2


The abstract submission deadline is July 31st.

Please send an abstract to the editorial board (as an attachment) to

Asian CLIL is an open-access, peer-reviewed international academic journal, which is associated with Japan CLIL Pedagogy Association (J-CLIL) and annually published online at Asian CLIL website.

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Asian Journal of Content and Language Integrated Learning (Asian CLIL) Vol. 1 

ISSN 2434-7620

ISSN 2434-7620

JJ-CLIL 4 1.jpg
Vol. 4 
April, ​2022

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J-CLIL Journal (JJCLIL) Vol. 3

Vol. 3 ​April, 2021

J-CLIL Journal (JJCLIL) Vol. 2

Vol. 2 ​April, 2020

​J-CLIL Journal (JJCLIL) Special Issue 2

​Special Issue 2: The proceedings of the J-CLIL TE Seminar in Netherlands in summer of 2019 March, 2020

J-CLIL Journal (JJCLIL) Special Issue

Special Issue: The proceedings of the J-CLIL TE Seminar in Scotland in summer of 2018 March, 2019

J-CLIL Journal (JJCLIL) Vol. 1

Vol. 1 ​March, 2019

CLIL Overseas Seminar Report

「Proceedings from the CLIL Summer Seminar Program in 2022 under the auspices of the city of Seinäjoki」

(Published  October 2023)


Vietnam (Hanoi) CLIL Education Exchange Seminar Report (Published  July 2023)

J-CLIL Newsletter

*The J-CLIL Newsletter is only available in Japanese


J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 11 (August, 2023) 


​Back Issues

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 10 (February, 2023) 

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 09 (August, 2022)

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 08 (February, 2022)

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 07 (August, 2021)

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 06 (January, 2021)

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 05 (July, 2020)

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 04 (December, 2019)

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 03 (June, 2019)

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 02 (December, 2018)

J-CLIL Newsletter vol. 01 (June, 2018)


*J-CLIL Newsletter Manuscript Guidelines (In Japanese)

(Last updated: Feb 2023)


Japan CLIL Pedagogy Association (J-CLIL) would like to invite you to submit a proposal for a contribution to J-CLIL Newsletter on any relevant topics, including CLIL and CBLT practices. If you are interested in submission, please contact J-CLIL Newsletter Working Group. We will show you our submission guidelines in English.

The submission deadline is December 10th. If you wish to submit an article, please send the following information to the email address below by November 10th: a tentative title (it can be changed later), your name, membership number, and affiliation. Please ensure to include your membership number as submissions are primarily accepted from members.

J-CLIL Newsletter Email:


・Email subject for submissions by November 10th:

 J-CLIL Newsletter Vol 12 Submission Request (Your Name)

・Email subject for submissions by December 10th:

 J-CLIL Newsletter Vol 12 Manuscript Submission (Your Name)

For detailed guidelines on manuscript submission, please refer to the attached documents. We recommend using the provided template (Attachment No. 2) in WORD format for your manuscript, as using it will help you adhere to our submission guidelines. When opening No. 2 in Google Docs, the formatting may change, so please download and use it in WORD. A sample layout (Attachment No. 3) is provided for reference.

Please note that we require complete manuscripts, and revisions or additions after submission are generally not allowed. If significant changes are needed, we may have to postpone publication. The PDF manuscript you submit will be published on the web as is.

Furthermore, it is your responsibility to ensure that the content, images, and other elements of your submitted manuscript do not infringe upon copyright or image rights, among others. We will request a declaration form from all authors, which will be sent to those who submit manuscripts in late December to early January. Please be aware that failure to submit this declaration may result in your manuscript not being published.

If you plan to submit in English, kindly inform us via email at the above J-CLIL Newsletter address.

We look forward to receiving your contributions.


J-CLIL Newsletter Submission Guidelines (Updated February 2023)

You can find the respective formats here:


CLIL Survey Report

Questionnaire Survey Report on CLIL Pedagogy in Japan (2021)

The purpose of this questionnaire research is to identify the current status of the implementation of the CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) pedagogy in Japan. 


NOTE: CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) is defined by J-CLIL: To study and promote practices for the implementation of integrated education called CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) or CBLT (Content-based Language Teaching).


Outline of Survey Results 1 (All educational institutions, in Japanese)

Outline of Survey Results 2 (Higher educational institutions, in Japanese)

Final Report (in English)  New! 


J-CLIL CLIL Survey Committee

The report of the joint seminar organized with CLIL-ite.
Vietnam (Hanoi) CLIL Education & Communication International Seminar Report



J-CLIL office: Ikeda's Study Room

Sophia University

7-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-8554

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