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  • Presentations are 60 minutes each, including Q & A.

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J-CLIL P&S (Primary & Seconday) & The 17th J-CLIL Meeting


▶Date: 2019 December 21th (Sat) <J-CLIL P&S>12:00-13:30 / <17th meeting>14:00 -17:30

▶Location: Waseda University, Toyama Campus, Bldg. 33, Room 333 MAP​​

<J-CLIL P&S Meeting> 12:00-13:30 *Luncheon session, Admission free! 

Theme: 「We Can!や検定教科書をベースとした小中におけるCLILの実践」

Presentation 1:

On Elementary Schools

Kosuke Yuzawa (Utsunomiya University's Elementary School) Language: Japanese

Presentation 2:

On Junior High Schools

Michihiro Mizui (Yaita Junior High School) Language: Japanese

<J-CLIL 17th Meeting> 14:00-17:30

Presentation 1:

Title: CLIL and Heritage Language Education for Bicultural Bilingual Children in the UK and Japan

Presenter: Barry Kavanagh (Tohoku University) Language: English

Presentation 2:

Title: CLIL and Literacy in Junior High School

Presenter: Shizuka Lee (Osaka City Kizu Junior High School) Language: Japanese

Presentation 3:

Title: A Report of CLIL in Finland and Europe—Educational System—

Presenter: Kazuko Kashiwagi (Osaka Kyoiku University) Language: Japanese


The 18th J-CLIL Meeting


▶Date: 2020 February 1st (Sat) 14:00 -17:30

▶Location: Waseda University, Toyama Campus, Bldg. 33, Room 333 MAP

1. Research Presentation

Title: CLIL Classroom Practice Developing Children’s Thoughts and Creativity

Presenter: Maki Kajitani (Hibarigaoka Gakuen Junior & High School)

Language: Japanese


2. Research Presentation

Title: Applying CLIL in an English Education for Manufacturing Course at an Engineering Postgraduate School in Japan: The Development of Materials and Pedagogy Through the Collaboration with Professional Engineers

Presenter: Takashi Uemura (Yamaguchi University), Mayumi Tanaka (Mukogawa Women’s University), & Katsumi Ichimura (National Institute of Technology, Nagaoka College)

Language: Japanese


3. Research Presentation

Title: Classroom Research Reports: Interconnection Elementary, Junior High, and High School Through CLIL

Presenter: Yuki Yamano (Utsunomiya University), Akiyo Watanabe (Utsunomiya-Minami High School), Kumiko Anno (Sakura City Kitsuregawa Junior High School) , & Mieko Sudo ( Ashikaga City Hajika Elementary School)

Language: Japanese


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