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日時:2019年4月20日(土)午後2時~5時 場所:上智大学 四谷キャンパス 2号館 508教室

①「『英語で算数・英語で数学』実践報告 -これはCLIL教育なのでしょうか?-」(in Japanese)




3)『SUHARA式』以前の教材の一例 関数総論



6)結論 提案です。


②"Building Vocabulary and Mindset Necessary For EMI" (in English)

Michele Joel (Kyorin University)​

The need to develop a mindset for students to learn content in English became evident after several research projects that focused on vocabulary needed to study content in English. As students went through the program developing English language skills, then taking content classes in English, they did not achieve full understanding of their subjects. This lack of depth came partly from students feeling that any class taught in English was simply a fun class where they would practice English in a light atmosphere. If they could make sentences in English, that was enough.

When considering that students’ main degree content was taught in English in their third and fourth years, making sentences was not enough. The researcher built a new curriculum around content, beginning in the first year. By focusing on the goal: EMI, and preparing for learning content in English from the start, the mindset of students shifts from separating English language classes and content classes to mastering content regardless of the language of instruction. Including content from the first term means that there must be a collaboration between the EMI teachers and language teachers so that students are well prepared to meet the expectations of those classes.

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