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日時:2018年10月6日(土)午後2時~5時 場所:東洋英和女学院大学大学院(六本木)205教室

①「CLIL Using MEXT Approved Textbooks in Senior High School」

Matthew Davis(岡山大安寺中等教育学校)

Introducing CLIL methods into high school English classes in Japan may seem daunting. While the current environment is not CLIL-friendly, I introduce ways to implement it in a meaningful way in my presentation. I do so by offering a few techniques and examples of my own practice. The first technique is a perspective shift. Subject content should not be seen simply as facts and information, but as a set of concepts and skills as well. The second technique is called concept mining. All texts have an underlying concept which can be learned or can be viewed using a concept. In EFL environments, this concept is not often given to teachers as it would be in another subject class. Therefore, we must go mining. The defining technique is used when the text has a clear concept which can be taught. The goal is to define and deepen understanding. I use an example of this technique with a chapter on biomimetics. The framing technique is used when the text can be analyzed using a certain concept. I use an example of a chapter on Margarete Steiff, the creator of the teddy bear, in which students learn about how disability is portrayed in media and use this concept to analyze the text.

②「CLIL and Motivation」


Engaged learning is an optimal condition for active learning where learners are able to construct knowledge and ideas from experience while actively interacting with their peers and teachers. Given the importance of engaged learning, an increasing number of studies have investigated second/foreign language learners’ engagement in learning processes and outcomes. Research shows that motivation is one of the pre-requisites of and necessary elements for engaged learning. The current study reports an educational intervention which aimed at enhancing motivation for learning not only English but also content about music. The teaching materials consisted of three music-related talks from TED Talks.

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