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1. 秋山友香(東京大学)

タイトル「Providing Scaffolding in an Online, Adjunct-CLIL Course for Engineering Students: Challenges of Interdisciplinary Collaboration with Multiple Content Specialists」

Adjunct-CLIL is a type of CLIL in which content and language specialists work in tandem to integrate language into content (Greere & Räsänen, 2008). Despite the various advantages such collaboration brings to students’ learning of language and content, little research has been done to reveal (1) what factors hinder and support students’ understanding of content specialists’ lectures and (2) how language and content specialists can create scaffolding collaboratively. This study thus examined content specialists’ lectures focusing on linguistic input (rate of speech, lexical and syntactic complexity, accuracy) and scaffolding strategies in order to reveal how they affected students’ comprehension of lectures. The participants in the study were 24 university students in Japan who took an online, English-medium, adjunct-CLIL course about engineers’ global career and four content specialists who collaborated with the main instructor (language specialist) to give a weekly lecture about their international careers. Analyzed in this study were lecture transcripts and students’ questionnaire data. The results showed that vocabulary and speech rate hindered students’ comprehension and that the guest lecturers rarely provided discursive and pedagogical scaffolding which enables the shift from English Medium Instruction to CLIL. Challenges of adjunct-CLIL with multiple content specialists were discussed.

2. 川上光太、吉田裕幸 (ともに鴎友学園女子中学高等学校)

 ティームティーチングによる社会科 CLIL の実践 -気候変動とエネルギー問題

私立中高一貫の女子校において、英語科教諭と社会科教諭がオールイングリッシュで行う単発型のHard CLILの実践報告である。2019年度から、社会科教諭と協力しティームティーチングでCLILを実践してきた。本発表では、昨年度高校2年生を対象に実施した、気候変動を題材にした地理CLILを紹介する。本授業では、気候変動やCOP26に関するティーチャートークを行った後、模擬国際会議に参加するという設定で、生徒にロールプレイ活動を課した。今回の実践を通して、教科教員と英語科教員が協同で授業を行うことは、授業デザインの幅の広がりや教科知識の深化、そして生徒の発話意欲向上などの利点があることが分かった。

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【slide】Climate Change and Energy Issues
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